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Tile Types – The Pros & Cons

January 11, 2023

Choosing the right tile for your home or another construction project can be tricky. Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tips for choosing tile to help you make the right choice. We have also listed out different types of tile pros & cons so you can measure the benefits and disadvantages for yourself. Natural Stone Tile Natural stone tile is a popular type of tile composed of different fragments of natural stones such as slate, sandstone, marble, granite, and even exotic-looking stones like onyx. Common pros of natural stone tile include the relatively affordable price point, simple installation process,... View Article

Interior Paint Colors To Watch in the New Year

December 21, 2022

From the leading kitchen and bathroom to the dining room and bedroom paint colors 2023 has to offer, colors make a big difference in the feel, look, and finish of a home. Colors can be an eyesore and ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautiful room or tie it all together. You don’t have to be a remodeling or decor expert to recognize something is very wrong when you walk into that pastel yellow or lime green circa 1970s-style kitchen.  At Apple Construction, LLC., we are a design-build firm specializing in custom home construction and bathroom and kitchen remodeling in... View Article

5 Kitchen Flooring Trends for 2023

December 7, 2022

When it comes to finding the best flooring for kitchen trends and narrowing down the trends kitchen flooring ideas, our team of professionals is here to help. At Apple Construction LLC, we are more than happy to help you get started on your dream home. Clients in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and surrounding areas will always benefit from our skills and expertise. Eco-friendly concepts, top-notch materials, and a strong level of attention to detail are just a few of the advantages that we have to offer. Now that 2023 is right around the corner, it is time to take a closer look... View Article

The Trick To Timing The Renovation of Your Estate Landscaping

November 23, 2022

Are you wondering when to start planning for a estate remodeling? You may have already begun the planning steps, but what type of renovation are you looking to take on? Maybe you want to hire a design crew but are unsure where to start. Or maybe you want your landscape renovation to be major. Regardless, it is wise to consider planning several months prior to making sure you are prepared. Tips for Planning an Estate Renovation When planning for a estate remodeling, there are various things you should consider. Remember that the time it can take from start to finish... View Article

The Most Popular Living Room Colors of 2022

November 9, 2022

When you interact with our team at Apple Construction, we know that you will walk away having learned a little more about things you can do to liven up the look of your home. It is one of our greatest pleasures to help our customers achieve the looks and designs they are interested in when they come to us. We want to cover the top trending living colors in 2022.  Colors That Are Trending in 2022 The top living room paint colors 2022 boasts are green, gray, and navy. These are all choices that one might want to make if they wish to... View Article

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