Tips to Consider When Installing a Pool

Tips to Consider When Installing a Pool

October 24, 2018

Swimming pools might not be on your mind with winter approaching, but the colder months of the year are actually the perfect time to install a new pool. Shoppers can tap into valuable winter savings that usually aren’t around during the summer season. Best of all, your brand-new pool will be ready by the time summer finally rolls around. You can plan to take a dip as soon as it is warm enough!

Adding a pool to your property requires a bit more planning and decision-making than just picking out a swimsuit. Homeowners will want to consider a number of different factors before they install a pool. Considering these tips now will help keep the project on track to ensure your new pool will be ready for summer.

Make a wish list

The costs of installing a new pool can quickly add up. Pool heaters, water features, slides, hot tubs, swim-up bars and other luxurious features can add thousands of dollars to the total bill if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, most pool owners can’t recoup the majority of the cost when it’s time to sell the home. Make a wish list of the features you would like, and then identify what will realistically fit into your budget.


The next step is to find the right spot for the pool. Your options might be limited due to pre-existing backyard fixtures, like rock formations or fencing. Overhead trees could drop leaves into the pool, which would require regular cleanup. A shaded area could cause an unheated pool to be cold even during the warm summer months. The perfect spot will be free of any overhead plants, with full sun exposure and within view of a deck or window to safely monitor the swimmer. A luxury custom builder in Santa Fe, NM can help you identify the best location in the backyard.

Don’t forget fencing

Everyone is always excited to select the tiling or design a custom waterfall, but it’s important that you also remember to install a protective fencing barrier. This one-time installation could be the only thing that stops a child from dying in a preventable pool-related death. Look for a fence that features self-closing and self-latching doors. The lock should be placed well out of reach of small hands.

Plan for maintenance costs

Your budget shouldn’t just cover the construction process. Operating a pool will cost money every year. New pool owners can expect to regularly pay for chemicals to keep the water free of bacteria and algae. There are also costs to maintain the filtration and cleaning systems. Expect to pay even more if you plan to have the pool cleaned and maintained by a professional. The surface material will also need periodic repairs.

Choose the right contractor

A great pool requires an expert pool builder. A reputable contractor assesses the land for building compliance, finds ways for the construction equipment to get into the backyard and tackles other challenges, like pre-existing features and fencing. A professional luxury custom builder in Santa Fe, NM will be able to easily navigate these challenges without unexpected costs or missing the deadline. Reach out to Apple Construction LLC today to learn more about how we can help make your dream pool a reality!

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