How to Prepare for House Remodeling in Santa Fe, NM

How to Prepare for House Remodeling in Santa Fe, NM

November 28, 2018

Home remodeling is great for many reasons. Obviously, a remodeled space will make you happy, but it’s also a good move to boost the value of your property. Yet many homeowners don’t go through with a desired remodel because of the inconvenience the whole process brings. We understand—it’s a stressful and time-consuming process! If you’re feeling almost ready to begin, here are some tips to help you prepare yourself, your family and your home for house remodeling in Santa Fe, NM.

Remain in constant communication

It’s important for you and the project manager to communicate throughout the home remodeling planning stages, but it’s just as crucial to stay in contact during the remodeling process itself. You need to have several ways to contact the building team leader, and they need to have the best contact numbers to get a hold of you. Make sure to give them all the phone numbers of every adult in your house. The key to good communication is talking to each other directly, not leaving voice messages. Questions that go unanswered waste time, causing your remodeling project to take longer to complete.

Clear the area to be remodeled

No matter which room you’re remodeling, everything in it should be packed up and moved out of the way before the remodeling team arrives. Pack your small belongings securely in boxes, or store them away in another part of your house for the time being. Move all furniture out of the project area, and take down wall accessories (mirrors, photos, artwork). Removing your possessions from the area will ensure they are protected against damage from equipment, materials and workers moving around.

Have a plan for children and pets

Children and pets do not mix well with construction projects. Throughout the remodeling project, the building crew will be in and out of your house frequently to get materials and tools, for as long as the project takes. To keep children and pets safe, plan to keep them away from the work zone and have your eyes on them the entire time. Another option is to send kids and animals to a friend’s or family member’s place each day.

Plan for dust control

There will undoubtedly be a ton of dust resulting from your remodeling project. The dust will get kicked up and produced all day, every day of your project, possibly continuing into the days after the project is complete. To avoid a lot of the dust settling on your furniture and other possessions, be proactive and cover everything you can—not just the items in the room to be remodeled, but all furnishings throughout your house. Use old sheets and drop cloths on furnishings, and put up protective plastic at doorways. Close all interior doors, and don’t run the heater or air conditioner during remodeling times. Crews will clean up daily, although it helps to have your own vacuum cleaner on hand just in case.

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