The Top Features of Luxury Garages

The Top Features of Luxury Garages

January 11, 2019

Luxury homeowners love to spend time decorating and detailing every inch of their home, from the exterior finishes to the interior walls, furniture and decor. But one area of the home that tends to be overlooked, even in the most expensive neighborhoods, is the garage.

Attached garages are some of the most common components of luxury home design in Santa Fe, NM. Since so many homeowners use these garages as the main entrance or exit to their home, as well as a prominent street-facing feature, shouldn’t they be given a luxury facelift, as well?

Whether you collect luxury cars and need a beautiful place to showcase them or you simply want the garage to match the rest of your luxury home design, here are some of the most popular features of luxury garages:

  • Sleek storage space: In most garages, you might see equipment covering every spare inch of the floor, boxes piled up to the ceiling and tools littered around without a true place to call home. Luxury garages create a space for all these things through gorgeous, sleek cabinetry and shelving. With lots of storage space for everything you need, your garage stays clutter-free while looking luxurious to guests.
  • Overhead storage: Storage lifts or specially designed roof storage racks are another way luxury garages maintain their sleek appearance while holding all of the extra things a typical garage can. Overhead or roof storage is a great way to keep things out of sight and out of mind so all you see is luxury cars and beautiful interiors.
  • Car lifts: Do you have a smaller garage, but like to collect cars? Nothing says “luxury” more than top-quality mechanical car lifts that allow you to store multiple luxury cars in your garage at one time. Maximize your space and show off your collection by adding one or more lifts to your space.
  • Eye-catching doors: Would you settle for a boring front door? If not, then why settle for a boring garage door? Your garage is visible to passersby, just like your front door is, and it’s even bigger. Make a bold statement with a classy automated garage door with large windows, frosted glass and metal accents.
  • Bar areas: Garages aren’t merely for storage anymore. Lots of homeowners like to entertain guests in a luxuriously designed garage, especially during the warmer months when the garage door can be open and you can enjoy the fresh air. Adding a beautiful bar top and stools to create a serving area can add an extra touch that most homeowners could only dream of.
  • Durable flooring: Gone are the days of standard cement in your garage. Luxury home design in Santa Fe, NM utilizes top-quality flooring in garages that is both great to look at and long-lasting. Hybrid polymer tiles or coatings can give your garage an entirely new look while holding up to spills and impact from tools.
  • High-quality lighting: A typical garage is lit by a single (or maybe two or three) light bulbs or dim overhead lights that create a dreary and moody atmosphere inside. By amping up the lighting in your garage, you can create a bright, exciting new space. And, if you’re showcasing a luxury car or two, great lighting will make your gorgeous cars look even better.

If you’re interested in taking your garage to the next level, call Apple Construction LLC! Our experts in luxury home design in Santa Fe, NM specialize in new construction, remodels, additions and so much more.

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