What Flooring Should You Put in Your Home Addition?

What Flooring Should You Put in Your Home Addition?

April 12, 2019

The floor of your home addition will be just as important as the floors in the rest of your house. It has to look nice, but at the same time be functional and within budget. Ideally, you should select floors before construction begins, or at least within the early stages of the build. What type of floor is best? If you can, get to a flooring supply store so you can take a close look at each material and ask questions about durability, quality, warranties and more.

In the end, you may decide to go with a type of material, color and texture that matches your existing rooms, or mix it up and install completely different floors. If you’re considering your home addition flooring options and need some helpful information, read on! The following is a flooring materials guide from a professional remodeling company in Santa Fe, NM.

Factors to consider

Style, function and cost—keep these three factors in mind when doing your research, and making the right decision won’t be so difficult:

  • Style: The style of the floor includes things like texture, color, pattern, even the way it’s installed. Also, make sure the style of the flooring option you choose matches the atmosphere you want for the new room.
  • Function: How do you plan to use the floor? Figure out if it’ll see heavy foot traffic, and when putting a floor in a bathroom, choose a waterproof material. Some flooring options offer better insulation, whether the material itself is insulating or pads are added underneath.
  • Cost: When setting a budget for your new home addition, don’t forget to allot a portion of the budget to the flooring material and installation costs. Be realistic about what you can afford, but avoid going cheap and low quality.

Common types of room addition flooring options

Once you determine the flooring style, function and cost, choosing an option becomes simpler:

  • Hardwood: Many homeowners love the classic and beautiful look of real hardwood floors. They don’t require too much maintenance, but try to keep them nice to boost the resale value of your home.
  • Ceramic tile: Speaking of style, you can achieve a designer look with ceramic tile floors. This flooring material stands out even more when used in a room or two instead of as a whole house installation. Ceramic tiles are available in many different styles, perfect for anyone wanting options for creating a beautifully designed floor.
  • Carpet: Of all the types of flooring materials, carpet offers one of the widest assortments of textures, colors, patterns and thickness. Quality carpet is designed to meet the needs of just about every single room in the house.
  • Laminate: Laminate floors are an easy-to-install, affordable option, and extremely durable to boot. It comes in a ton of styles and colors and can resemble other types of materials, including wood, stone and tile.
  • Vinyl: Today’s vinyl floors are not cheap-looking like in the past. Now, high-end vinyl uses photographic images to create many styles.

The top remodeling companies in Santa Fe, NM are professionals at designing and constructing room additions. Call Apple Construction LLC for more information!

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