Five Popular Fall Home Improvements

Five Popular Fall Home Improvements

August 26, 2019

Finally, those blistering summer temperatures are gone and you can enjoy the fall. It’s time to bask in the crisp air and maybe take a drive to admire the fall colors. And naturally, all the pumpkin spice lovers are out in full force, taking over your local Starbucks.

Fall is also the ideal time to tackle those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off for a while. You could attempt to do it yourself—watching YouTube videos, making a thousand trips to Home Depot and then, inevitably, screwing it up somehow and having to redo it. Alternatively, you could leave house remodeling in Santa Fe, NM to the pros. The choice is yours!

Regardless, fall is a great time to invest your home. Here are some projects you may want to consider investing in:

  • Deck or patio repairs: An outdoor space only adds value to your home if it’s looking good and is functional. Cracked or damaged decks or patios aren’t going to do you any favors. Start by giving the deck a good cleaning after all that summer use, then take a careful look at what needs to be repaired. Remember that before any work can be started, you’ll need the proper local permits.
  • Check on the roof: No one wants to hear about repair or replacement of their roof. This is often a noisy and expensive project. But the reality is that it has to get done—failing to tackle a roof project means the home could have water damage, or worse, serious structural damage. Not to mention that potential homebuyers will absolutely be looking to see if the roof is in excellent shape.
  • Exterior improvements: Does your home need a new coat of paint? If you see peeling, sun damage or chipping, the answer is probably “yes.” Rest easy knowing that you will make that money back in the long run: homes with new paint jobs tend to sell for at least 10 percent more on the open market.
  • Replace the windows: This doesn’t offer the same ROI as some other projects, but it’s very useful if you plan on staying in the home. The fact is that window replacement can make marked improvements in your home’s utility bills by keeping cold air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.
  • Painting the front door: Here’s a simple and easy way to ensure that your home’s curb appeal stays high. The front door is one detail that no potential homebuyer is going to miss. Slapping a new coat of paint on is relatively easy and inexpensive—and it’s sure to pay off when you sell the home. The fall is the perfect time to do it because of the cooler temperatures.

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