What You Need to Know About Bathroom TV Mirrors

What You Need to Know About Bathroom TV Mirrors

February 8, 2020

Are you ready to take your home design to the next level? Smart mirrors in Santa Fe, NM are the latest innovations transforming bathroom mirror upgrades. If you want to enjoy the latest conveniences technology has to offer, a smart bathroom mirror is a must-have.

What exactly is this bathroom mirror upgrade in Santa Fe, NM? Here’s the inside track on everything you need to know about bathroom TV mirrors and smart mirrors.

How they work

Smart mirrors in Santa Fe, NM are two-way mirrors. They allow light to pass through the mirror, so you can see an image other than what is reflected in the front glass. These mirrors feature a built-in display behind the glass, which you can use to show whatever you want on the mirror’s surface. This monitor screen, TV or tablet displays the information for your smart mirror. You can access it as a television or other smart device. You can also customize the display to make it the same size as the mirror or smaller.

What they do

You can use your smart bathroom mirror in Santa Fe, NM to view and do a host of things. Display the current date and time. Watch the weather forecast or morning news. View your personal schedule for the day. You can even check your email while you check your hair. A TV mirror can make getting ready in the morning productive as you complete other tasks while you brush your teeth. By the time you leave the bathroom, you can have several items checked off your to-do list already.

Features they offer

Smart bathroom mirrors in Santa Fe, NM offer a variety of features for viewing and interaction:

  • Touch screen: This feature allows you to interact with your mirror, to change TV stations, pull up your schedule or perform other tasks quickly and conveniently.
  • LED lighting: This strip of lighting around the mirror’s perimeter creates an attractive illumination feature for your bathroom.
  • Motion sensor: Your smart mirror can turn on automatically when you step into the room and turn off automatically after you leave.
  • Voice control: Go ahead, ask your mirror who is the fairest of them all. It can actually answer you!
  • Facial recognition: With smart mirrors, you can customize the settings to recognize who is in the room and program specific content to display for each person automatically.

Enjoy modern amenities

For the latest innovations in your home, contact Apple Construction LLC. From unique architectural features to the latest bathroom mirror upgrades in Santa Fe, NM, we are your perfect partner to create your dream home. Serving Santa Fe and the surrounding area since 2015, we specialize in new construction, remodels, additions, design consultations and planning. Our clients know they can count on our team to deliver quality work and dependability every time. Give us a call today and we’ll get started on your dream home. Don’t forget to ask us about the latest design trends, including smart bathroom mirrors in Santa Fe, NM!

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