What You Need to Know About Open-Concept Kitchens

What You Need to Know About Open-Concept Kitchens

February 26, 2020

Kitchens today are for more than just cooking. Many kitchens are also family meeting areas, homework stations and social hubs, all of which can hinder easy maneuvering and clutter a small, closed-in space. If your kitchen is too cramped and you’re thinking about renovating, then you might want to take a closer look at open-concept kitchens. This design style can open up your kitchen to connecting living areas. It can also change the overall look and feel of your home’s interior.

Here’s what you need to know about the open-concept plan before starting your kitchen renovation in Santa Fe, NM.

What are open-concept kitchens?

Many older traditional kitchen floor plans are closed-in spaces, either blocked off from the rest of the house by walls and a door or countertops and low-hanging cabinets. Food prepping and cooking in this style of kitchen usually means being separated from your guests for a good portion of the party. Enter open-concept kitchens—these kitchens have very few barriers between the kitchen and surrounding areas. Simply put, an open-concept kitchen does not separate each room with walls and other obstructions.

The benefits of an open-concept kitchen

Open-concept kitchens are ever popular thanks to the benefits they offer. For one thing, this style can make a space look larger than it really is. There are no walls blocking your line of sight to nearby spaces, making the whole kitchen space feel bigger and more accessible. Because an open-concept kitchen is a great option for a small space, you won’t ever feel too cramped or claustrophobic. Foot traffic and basic movement is much easier—no more playing bumper cars with walls, counters, large appliances or other people!

And even though open-concept kitchens are open, they can still help bring people together. Having no barriers between the kitchen and the dining room or living room means there’s more space to enjoy cooking, socializing, helping the kids with homework and other activities—either separately or all at the same time. You’ll feel closer to your family and, if you entertain a lot, your friends.

In addition, the lack of walls in open-concept kitchens allows more natural light to come in through windows in other rooms, creating a brighter space. This kitchen plan will also add significant value to your home.

Reasons why this kitchen floor plan is not for everyone

There are pros and cons to everything—open-concept kitchens included. Some people don’t like the openness because the lack of walls can enhance the noise in the space. Too many different activities going on at once can drive a person crazy, as can knowing that your messy kitchen is always in plain view. Another disadvantage is the loss of some storage space. Fewer walls and islands means fewer cabinets to hold kitchen items.

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