Popular Kitchen Island Ideas

Popular Kitchen Island Ideas

July 20, 2020

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s not just an area where meals are prepared—it’s also a gathering point for friends and family. If properly incorporated, kitchen islands in Santa Fe, NM can be the center of attention in your kitchen. Kitchen trends come and go every few years, but there are always a few that seem to have some real staying power. Continue reading to learn a few of the trends we don’t see disappearing anytime soon.

Increased functionality

The kitchen island may have only been utilized as an extra space for meal prep in the past. That’s not the case anymore! In addition to using them to slice and dice ingredients, kitchen islands are used for dining, entertaining and socializing. Many designs also incorporate additional storage space for pots, pans and other kitchen supplies.

Built-in appliances

Further increase your kitchen island’s functionality by adding appliances to it. Upgrading your island with appliances like a microwave, dishwasher, sink, garbage disposal or even a cooktop makes your kitchen even easier to work in. Building in appliances also increases your home’s value if you ever choose to sell.


Since they’re being used for more activities, kitchen islands are getting bigger. In fact, a study by Houzz Kitchen Trends found that 32 percent of kitchen islands are over seven feet long, while 39 percent are between six and seven feet. If you’re looking for some kitchen island ideas in Santa Fe, NM, it seems like the bigger, the better!


Two-tone islands are gaining popularity across the country. Instead of matching the kitchen cabinets, homeowners are contrasting the cabinetry color with the countertop color. Gray and blue are the two top colors for contrasting cabinetry, but be sure to speak with your kitchen designer about the colors, as that look won’t automatically work for every home.

Waterfall edging, a seamless countertop edge that continues from the counter down to the floor, is also gaining popularity. Again, this is a look that might not work for your kitchen. Waterfall edging is best in contemporary, industrial and mid-century designs.


Speaking of countertops, you’ve got to go with the material that works best in your kitchen. Stone is always a great choice, with quartz and granite as two of the top stones right now, but you can never count out the classic appearance of butcher block for kitchen islands in Santa Fe, NM. Consider contrasting your island with the rest of your countertops for a trendy look.


Before you call it a day designing your new kitchen island, don’t forget about the lighting. Adding pendant lights or recessed ceiling fixtures makes it easier to see while you’re cooking and helps set the mood when you’re entertaining or dining at your island.

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen, be sure to come to our team at Apple Construction LLC! Along with providing great kitchen island ideas in Santa Fe, NM, we’re specialists in creating kitchens that are both stylish and functional. Contact us today to get started with your remodeling project.

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