Five Tips When Considering Solar Panels

Five Tips When Considering Solar Panels

August 31, 2020

One of the side effects of these uncertain times is that many people are spending far more time at home than they ever have before. This is obviously good for a number of reasons, but one key reason is that a lot of customers are paying closer attention to things like energy consumption and how their house can work better for them.

This state of affairs has led to many homeowners giving new consideration to going green and installing solar panels in Santa Fe, NM. It’s true that solar panels give you an environmentally-friendly form of energy that doesn’t require you to constantly keep a close eye on your monthly bill, but there are a number of things customers might want to consider before taking the leap and going solar:

  • Solar can be budget friendly: Solar panels used to be a prohibitively expensive investment for homeowners, since they were produced in small quantities by highly specialized manufacturers. Installing them used to be more of a chore, as well, as they were larger and more cumbersome than modern versions. One key piece of advice for choosing solar panels in Santa Fe, NM is to consider how far the technology has come—it’s made them cheaper than ever before thanks to both new production techniques and the economy of scale.
  • Still on the grid: Although solar panels offer a significant degree of energy independence, most homes still need to be hooked up to the grid because it’s quite difficult to make a home completely free of external power. This means that, unless you have a battery backup system, you can still lose power during an outage.
  • Southwest is best: One of the advantages of living in New Mexico is that the sunshine we enjoy almost every day makes us an ideal candidate for solar. Installing solar panels in Santa Fe, NM is easier and more effective than in other parts of the country because we can rely on steadier sunshine and less obtrusive vegetation.
  • Understand your warranty: Since solar panels can still be a significant investment, many homeowners will want to have as comprehensive a warranty as possible. This means working with the installer ahead of time to understand all the pros and cons of the manufacturer’s warranty offerings.
  • Materials matter: With so many more companies manufacturing solar panels these days, it can be hard to know which materials are the most effective. This has a significant impact on the system’s efficiency and cost, so it’s important to work with the professionals to better understand your choices.

Going green is an admirable objective that many homeowners are taking more seriously in recent years. At Apple Construction LLC, we believe installing solar panels in Santa Fe, NM can be a great addition to the energy profile of many houses, and we’ve frequently incorporated solar installation into other projects, such as home additions. Performing this work all at once is a great way for homeowners to knock out several tasks in a shorter amount of time, and it can also help them save quite a bit of money. Give us a call today to see how we can work with you on your next green improvement!

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