What You Need to Know About Staircase Drawers

What You Need to Know About Staircase Drawers

August 3, 2020

Do you simply use your staircase to get from one floor to the next? Or, are you like thousands of homeowners whose staircases double as a place to store their belongings? Homeowners with staircase drawers in Santa Fe, NM tend to have less messy houses and are generally just more organized. Continue reading to learn more about your staircase storage options.

Where is staircase storage useful?

Most homes could benefit from staircase storage. However, these types of houses could really use some extra storage space under their stairs:

  • Small homes: People who downsize and live in a smaller house face a massive storage problem, so they have to get creative and create space in unconventional ways. One of these ways is storing unused items under the stairs. Anything that’d typically go in a closet or on a shelf in a larger house can usually fit in a staircase drawer.
  • Houses with less storage space: A big house doesn’t always equate to tons of storage space. We’ve seen lots of large homes that simply lack the necessary storage space for all of their belongings. If your closets are jam-packed, call a contractor to get started on inset stair storage in Santa Fe, NM.
  • Large households: Although any family could use some staircase storage, we find that bigger families are the ones who could use it the most. With more kids comes more clutter that needs a proper storage space. Keeping kids’ items and shoes under the stairs allows them to easily access them when needed and put them away when they’re done.

What can be stored in staircase drawers?

You could store practically anything in staircase drawers in Santa Fe, NM. That said, these are a few of the most common items homeowners keep in their staircase drawers:

  • Shoes: Finding a place to keep everyone’s shoes is one of the bigger battles homeowners face, especially in a “shoes-off” household. The answer to this problem is simple: keep them under the stairs! Almost any size shoe can fit in a staircase drawer, allowing for easy access to the shoes before you head out of the door.
  • Toys: We mentioned above that staircase drawers are great for kids. Instead of investing in a large toybox that might go unused, store your kids’ toys in the stairs. Accessing the toys will be just as easy for your kids as putting them away when playtime is over.
  • Cleaning supplies: Finding a place for cleaning supplies can also be a challenge. You want them to be easy to access, but you don’t want the kids to find them and accidentally ingest the harmful chemicals. This is where staircase drawers can help! Have your contractor install a drawer that’s only accessible with a key, and keep your cleaning supplies in there.

Adding inset stair storage in Santa Fe, NM isn’t a DIY project, so you’ll have to hire a professional remodeling company to do the job for you. Turn to Apple Construction LLC to tackle it. We specialize in everything from home additions to bathroom remodels, so you know there’s nothing our team can’t handle.

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