Why Folding Glass Doors Are Replacing Traditional Patio Doors

Why Folding Glass Doors Are Replacing Traditional Patio Doors

November 11, 2020

Retractable glass walls are one of the hottest new ways to make a room feel larger in Santa Fe, NM. Today’s modern architecture places a great deal of emphasis on creating large, open spaces—even if the room is relatively small. They’re a way to bring the outdoors inside, whether you want to capture a spectacular view or make a seamless transition between your backyard and indoor living space.

Here are the best reasons to install folding glass walls in Santa Fe, NM:

  • Make your space feel larger: The best part about folding or retractable glass doors is that they help make your entire home feel larger. The line between indoors and outdoors is blurred, so any finished outdoor areas, like a patio or terrace, will feel like a part of your indoor space, too. It creates an open, airy look that seems straight out of Architectural Digest.
  • Increase your livable space: When you have folding glass doors between your backyard and living room or dining room, opening them can create the illusion of much more livable space. Whether you’re throwing a party, dining al fresco or simply want to be able to keep an eye (and ear) on the kids as they play outside, opening the glass doors makes it feel like the outdoor areas are part of your indoor space.
  • Great entertaining possibilities: Love to entertain? It’s even more fun when you can slide open the glass wall. You’ll enjoy easy access indoors and out, while avoiding traffic jams in the doorways.
  • Make the outdoors your focal point: If you have a great view or a spectacular backyard, adding folding glass doors makes the outdoors the focal point of your room. Many homeowners like to decorate with neutral furniture and art so the eye is drawn outside.
  • Last longer than traditional patio doors: Folding glass doors are more durable than traditional sliding glass patio doors. They rely on hinges and ceiling and floor tracks to operate, which are less prone to breakage and jamming. Depending on the type of frame and glass you use, they can last for decades without needing major repair.
  • Takes up less space than French doors: If you have French patio doors, you may have noticed how much space they require. Often, homeowners have to move furniture, or leave the space empty for the doors. With folding glass doors, you can make the most of your indoor and outdoor space. The doors fold flat and give you plenty of room.
  • Completely customizable: Finally, folding glass doors are completely customizable. Instead of building your home around patio doors, the glass doors are built to fit your home and your needs. That means you can get the exact look you want.

If you’re looking to spruce up your existing Santa Fe, NM home or create the modern, glass-walled home of your dreams, retractable glass walls are a great choice.

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