Tips for Making an Entryway in Your Home

Tips for Making an Entryway in Your Home

February 23, 2021

Your home’s entryway can anchor your space and welcome visitors to your home—but what if you don’t actually have a dedicated entryway? With the proliferation of open floor plans in today’s homes, it’s harder to create a functional space right after you open your door. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of ways that you can make your space look as if it were designed by a professional. Here are some tips to make a designated entryway in your Santa Fe, NM home.

Use furniture to define the space

Furniture is a great way to give an open space some definition. Create an entryway by using console tables, benches and racks to give the entryway a less “open” impression. You can use the nearest existing wall to place coat hooks, small shelves, large mirrors and other useful features.

Try partitioning the space with bookcases

If furniture pieces like consoles and benches aren’t your style, consider partitioning off your entryway space with bookcases. Not only are they great for storage, but they can double as display racks for important knickknacks, awards and maybe even the fact that your household likes to read.

Potted plants can set the entryway apart

If you don’t feel like using furniture to set your space apart, large potted plants can create a sense of direction. Since they’re plants, they also have the benefit of adding light and life to the space. Depending on how much natural light your fake entryway gets, choose your plants accordingly—some large houseplants thrive on low light and neglect, so there’s truly something for everyone.

Open up a front closet

Your front closet can actually create a great entryway space. Simply take the door off and install hardware and shelving in order to make a place to stash coats, purses, muddy shoes and more. You can add hooks around the top of the space, a bench at the bottom and canvas drawers to increase your storage space.

Try an accent wall

Accent walls are another smart way to visually define your space. You might consider using bold paint or fun wallpaper to create a sense of separation. This can be paired with the other design suggestions, or on its own for a stark, defined entryway.

Gallery walls are great

Do you have a ton of photos, random art pieces and other mementos you want to keep visible? A gallery wall is an excellent choice for an entryway. Not only will you immediately show visitors your taste in art and design, but it’s also a nice way to keep some of your favorite photos and memories at the ready when you’re coming and going. Who doesn’t want to be welcomed home by their favorite people and visuals, even if the people themselves aren’t currently available?

For more entryway design tips in Santa Fe, NM, Apple Construction LLC is here to help. We specialize in custom home construction and remodeling. Call us today to learn more or get a quote. We look forward to working with you!

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