The Benefits of Building a Guest House

The Benefits of Building a Guest House

March 4, 2021

If you have a lot of extra land and tend to have frequent visitors, you might consider building a guest house on your property. These extra buildings have a wide range of benefits for property owners that you’re certain to appreciate.

Here’s a quick overview of some of these benefits of guest house additions in Santa Fe, NM.

Opportunities for multi-generational living

It’s becoming more and more common throughout the United States to have families with adult children living with their parents, or for adults to bring their elderly parents into their homes to live with them. A guest house offers those people a spot where they can live close by, while still having their own private space that they can enjoy.

In this way, all of your family members will be able to live comfortably and share time together, without there being a significant impact on the dynamic of your household.

Secondary income potential

If you have a guest house on your property, you can lease it out for a secondary income, either to a long-term renter or for use as an Airbnb for short-term vacation rentals. The method you use will largely depend on the location of your property—if you’re not in an area people are likely to seek out for vacations, it probably doesn’t make much sense to use it for short-term renting. But either method, when viable, could give you a significant chunk of extra earnings each year.

Increased property value

When designed well, a guest house addition in Santa Fe, NM can add some significant value to your property. Prospective home buyers will see the possibility for multi-generational living or a secondary income. There’s a larger number of home buyers than ever searching for in-law suites for their family members, so having a guest house on your property will really make your listing stand out to this particular market segment. Of course, this benefit is only really important if you plan on selling anytime soon, but it’s at least something to consider.

Comfort for guests

If you frequently have guests over to visit, be it family or friends, a guest house provides them with a comfortable living space they can have to themselves, without feeling like they’re intruding on you or your family. Guest houses will have everything your guests need, including private bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen areas and more. They don’t have to be particularly large, but your guests will very much appreciate having a space of their own that they can retreat to at the end of the day and in which they can seek comfort.

Privacy for you

The guest house doesn’t just offer your guests an opportunity to retreat—it also ensures you have more moments of relaxation when you’re hosting visitors. Your guests can exit to their separate building, allowing you to breathe and to enjoy some peace and quiet.

For more information about the benefits of building a guest house on your property in Santa Fe, NM, contact the custom home builders at Apple Construction LLC today.

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