What Are Some of the Most Common Home Remodeling Myths?

What Are Some of the Most Common Home Remodeling Myths?

May 10, 2021

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you may not want to put the work in to do that remodel or update that you’ve been meaning to do for years. What would be the point of improving a home that you’re just going to sell? On the opposite end of the spectrum, you may believe that minor cosmetic updates will allow you to list your home for a much higher asking price.

The reality is, of course, somewhere in between. Let’s look at the best way to remodel a house in Santa Fe, NM and dispel some of the myths about home renovations.

Myth: You should just do it yourself

One of the biggest myths about home remodeling is that it’s cheaper to do it yourself. Just watch a few YouTube videos and put in the hours, right?

If you truly do have construction skills, you can attempt to renovate your home on your own. But for most people, bringing in the pros makes a lot more sense. You will end up spending more initially than you would if you did it on your own, but like so many things in life, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. For those homeowners whose goal is to significantly improve their home and get a solid return on their investment, it pays to bring in the remodeling experts.

Myth: Remodeling is quick

You should expect to spend three to 12 weeks for a major renovation like redoing a bathroom or kitchen. The fact is that there’s no easy, uniform way to approach remodeling. A number of factors determine how long the project will take. For example, if a contractor finds problems like rotting wood or mold, then the timeline will need to be extended.

Myth: Renovation is cheap

Sure, you can do home remodeling on the cheap, but don’t expect to get quality work. Get quotes from several reputable companies and consider which meets your needs best. You’ll also want to look at exactly how you plan to pay for renovations—for example, it’ll make a difference if you can save up to pay up front or if you plan on using credit.

Myth: Every project leads to great return on investment

There are plenty of home rehab shows on TV that give the mistaken impression that any update you do on your home will lead to a gold mine when you go to sell. For one thing, your local real estate market will play a big role in how much you get back on investment. It also depends on what part of the house you’re looking to renovate—updates to the kitchen and bathroom tend to have the highest return on investment.

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