Room Additions: Building Up or Building Out

Room Additions: Building Up or Building Out

August 20, 2021

If you’re looking to make room additions to your home, there are usually only two options: building up or building out. But which one is better? For the most part, this will depend on your exact needs and wants. That said, there are some major advantages and disadvantages to both methods.

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of both of these building methods before making a final decision.

Advantages of building up

Building up can involve adding another story to your home or adding another room above the garage. The biggest advantage of building up as opposed to building out is that your new room addition won’t take up much ground space, if any. You won’t have to worry about dealing with any zoning issues. Some people also prefer having their rooms on a higher floor.

Disadvantages of building up

Building up comes with many disadvantages as well. One of the biggest being that there are a lot of considerations that go into building up. You’ll need to think about possible stairwells as well as additional structural supports. Building up often involves going through ceilings and walls, so there are electrical and plumbing lines to worry about. There are also limitations as to how tall you can build your home in most areas.

Advantages of building out

Building out usually involves adding a new room to the ground level of a home. To do this, a construction company will come and place a new foundation wherever your new room is going. They will then construct the walls and possibly add a door to link your existing structure to the new room.

One of the best things about building out is that it won’t affect your existing structure very much. With building up, you may have to stay out of certain rooms for extended periods of time. This isn’t as much of an issue when building out.

Disadvantages of building out

A major disadvantage with building out is that you’ll be taking up extra space on your property. This won’t be an issue if you have a lot of land—though not everyone has that luxury. You’ll also want to be aware of your property lines. If you accidentally build over the property line, you could end up in legal trouble. Be sure to check the building codes in your area to see how much extra space you can take up.

Both building up and building out offer the advantage that you’ll have a new space to do whatever you want in. You might decide to make it a den for fun games or a living room to spend time with your family.

Either way, if you’re making house additions, you want them to be perfect. That means using the right building method. Contact a reputable construction company, and discuss with them your needs and wants. This might help make your decision a bit easier. If you’re in need of top-quality construction work, call the professionals at Apple Construction LLC.

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