What Should I Consider When Selecting Smart Lighting?

What Should I Consider When Selecting Smart Lighting?

October 20, 2021

Smart lighting can add convenience, security and reliability to your property. It is a great feature to enhance your surroundings and boost the value of your home, but there are several important factors to keep in mind as you choose smart lighting.

Overlooking these considerations can cause unnecessary hassle down the road and make your smart lighting less effective and desirable.

If you are installing smart lighting or considering how home smart lighting could impact your property, keep the following top three factors in mind.

Bulb style and compatibility

LED lights continue to grow in popularity. They offer a low-energy option that is long-lasting and sustainable; however, it’s important to note that not all LED bulbs are compatible with smart lighting. It is important to select the right lighting controls and bulbs that can pair together for dimming, motion-sensing and other smart lighting options.

For example, certain combinations can result in delayed brightening, humming light fixtures or limited dimming range. For optimal smart lighting functionality, keep bulb compatibility in mind. Your builder can recommend the best options.

Hub or no hub?

As you select the smart lighting for your home, you may choose a system that includes a hub or one that does not. A smart home hub is a base station that is located inside the home and communicates with all the smart lighting on the property. This is typically installed in a closet or in the kitchen.

Hubless systems do not require as much hardware or space. They rely on a wi-fi connection rather than a central, physical hub for the connectivity and function of your smart lighting. Consult with your builder to determine which solution would be better for your setting and needs.

Future expansion

While it’s good to consider your current smart lighting needs, it’s also important to keep future needs in mind. Your smart lighting controls should allow for the addition of fixtures or features down the line. For example, if you want to add a dimmer switch to your dining room or add more lighting to your basement, your home’s smart lighting should be able to accommodate these upgrades.

Future technology is also a factor. How might your smart lighting adapt to technology such as Siri and Amazon Alexa? What about new innovations that will hit the market in the years ahead? Make sure your smart lighting is up for the latest tech integrations and enhancements. You don’t want it to be outdated before you’ve even had time to flip the switch.

To learn about the latest advancements in smart lighting, consult with your expert builder.

Get the brightest solutions

For smart lighting that makes your home efficient and convenient, contact the professionals at Apple Construction LLC. We specialize in remodels, additions, designs and planning to create innovative and inviting surroundings. Our team would love to help you design the perfect smart lighting solution for your lifestyle. Reach us today at 505-983-6014 to learn more about home smart lighting or to get started on your next project.

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