Is It More Economical to Add on to Your Home or Rebuild?

Is It More Economical to Add on to Your Home or Rebuild?

December 20, 2021

You have two options if your family is quickly outgrowing your current home. You can either add on to the existing structure, or you can tear your home down and start from the ground up. When it comes to total cost, home add-ons are often the more economical option instead of rebuilding. But money isn’t everything, which is why you need to weigh your options carefully. Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the advantages of both processes.

What are the benefits of adding on?

Home add-ons have a ton of perks besides just saving you some big bucks. Here are a few reasons to hire a contractor for home additions:

  • Faster process: Depending on what you’re adding, home additions can take a while to wrap up, but even the largest additions are faster than tearing down and rebuilding an entire house. On average, it takes about seven to eight months to build an entire home. Adding on to your home typically takes a fraction of that time.
  • Retain your home’s current charm: If you love the way your home currently looks inside and out, then tearing it down and starting from scratch can be a bad choice. When you hire an expert remodeling contractor, they’ll build your addition to match the same look and feel your current home has.
  • No need to relocate: The biggest hassle with rebuilding is often finding a place to live in the meantime. Plus, staying in hotels for months on end gets expensive. When you add on to your home, there’s no need to move out of your current home. Just be prepared for some noisy construction work!

When is it more economical to rebuild?

It’s typically more expensive to rebuild a house than add on to your existing home, but additions aren’t always the solution. These are a few scenarios that call for a rebuild:

  • If many updates need to be made: Are you trying to add several new rooms to your existing structure, and do very many renovations need to be made along the way? If so, rebuilding might be the best route. With a rebuild, you’ll have all the space you could need, and everything will be completely up to date.
  • If the foundation is bad: Homes with a crumbling foundation are dangerous to begin with. Those dangers only get worse if you try making your existing house larger. Getting a full foundation inspection is often the first step in the remodeling process. If it’s determined that your foundation is bad, you may have to rebuild your house.
  • If your lot is too small: Adding a spare room to a home is a great way to improve its value while making it more functional to fit your needs. However, that won’t be possible if your property is too small to accommodate the add-on or if your land isn’t zoned for it. Aside from moving to a new house, your only option is to rebuild.

We can meet all of your needs

Whether you’re looking to rebuild a house or build an addition, be sure to hire our team at Apple Construction LLC. We’re experts in both types of project, and we’re happy to help turn your dream into reality. Call us today to arrange a consultation!

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