Choosing a Bathroom Sink With The Latest Trends

Choosing a Bathroom Sink With The Latest Trends

March 17, 2022

Is it time to upgrade your bathroom sink? With just one piece, you can change the entire dynamic of your bathroom, setting a new theme. One of the leading home renovation ideas is bathroom renovations, starting with bathroom sink trends. Before choosing your next bathroom sink, take advantage of the different available styles. 

Vessel Sinks

Whether you are going for a rustic theme, something contemporary, or looking for more natural tones, there is a vessel sink made for that. These are bowls or structures that sit on top of the sink. They have made an impression with decorative design and in various materials because the bowls can be ceramic or steel and the fixtures for these sinks are tall. 

Vanity Sinks

One of the more recent bathroom sink trends is the vanity sink attached to a cabinet or shelving. The vanity sink is mainly famous for looking to get an edgier bathroom with additional storage. These are ideal for small bathrooms to make them appear larger. 

Pedestal Sinks

Another option to improve a small space is the pedestal sink. These do not have any storage, just a long stem with a sink basin flowing together as one unit. These are ideal half-bath options that guests will use when visiting and for areas where you are not planning to spend a lot of time getting ready, but more of a brush-up. 

Integrated Sinks

Have you been out recently to newly renovated bathrooms and noticed the trend of the integrated sink? This is a sink that has an entirely flat countertop. There are no rims to separate the sink from the counter, but it is very contemporary and modern. Homes that appreciate a clean and modern look take advantage of these integrated sinks. The lack of lines breaks away from traditional sinks that were once popular in homes everywhere. 

Wall-Hung Sinks

If you want a sink that is detached, choose one of the wall-hung sinks. You can hide the plumbing within the wall so that you can use the space beneath for storage or other uses. This is a great option for areas that are small and not used frequently. In a space where a pedestal sink would work, but there is still limited room, you can use a wall-hung sink to elevate that area. 

Are You Looking for a Bathroom Sink Reconstruction?

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