What Are the Current Sunroom Trends?

What Are the Current Sunroom Trends?

April 19, 2022

Sunrooms make for such a great addition to any home, it’s no wonder that many folks want to have one in their houses, if not yet already.

Not only do sunrooms liven up the ambiance of the house, thanks to the generous natural light they provide, but sunrooms also make for a very comfortable and relaxing space for the whole family. Just like any other room in your house, however, sunrooms could use some upgrading and updating occasionally.

Before you make any design decisions to spend on, it’s best to first look at the trendy sunroom additions homeowners are raring to get nowadays. You don’t want your sunroom to be left out of style now, would you?

It’s All About the Plants

People are all about the plants, nowadays. Even though not everyone has the green thumb, it’s still an exciting prospect to be able to grow and nurture a beautiful plant right in your own home.

Sunrooms are perfect locations for indoor plants because they can get as much sunlight as they want. The only other thing you need to ensure they remain lush and healthy is to keep them watered enough and trimmed as necessary.

Plants also provide color in the space and can soften the look of an otherwise drab and cold appearance to a room.

Temperature Control

Another one of the latest sun room additions trends is temperature control. Don’t worry about missing out on the enjoyment of your sunroom on account of the cooler seasons. You can still enjoy this room even in winter simply by adding in features for temperature control.

You can even bring in one of those portable electric fireplaces, which can definitely set up a nice, warm ambiance on cold winter nights.

If your house is more modern in design, you can simply add automatic temperature controllers to customize the room temp according to your level of comfort. Electronic blinds or shades are great for filtering the heat coming as well.

Outdoor Furniture

Technically, your sunroom is indoors, but with the outdoors literally all around you, patio furnishings might work out great too in this context. Of course, it will still largely depend on your style preference, but outdoor furnishings definitely are big in sunroom trends.

Your builder can actually give you some more ideas about designing or improving your sunroom as well. Don’t forget your intended use for this space, so you can plan out modifications based on functionality as well, and not simply on trends.

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