Is the Kitchen Triangle Still Relevant?

Is the Kitchen Triangle Still Relevant?

June 24, 2022

The kitchen triangle is a kitchen layout design principle based on the idea that the three main kitchen functions (cooking, cleaning, and food storage) should be located close to one another to save time and energy. The kitchen triangle has been used for centuries as an efficient way to lay out a kitchen, but is it still relevant today?

The answer is yes. The kitchen triangle is still a good general guideline for kitchen layout, but it is not the only factor to consider when designing a kitchen. With the advent of open concept kitchen layouts and the popularity of kitchen islands, the kitchen triangle is not always possible or desirable.

What To Consider When Designing Your Kitchen Triangle

If you plan a traditional kitchen layout or want to optimize your kitchen for efficiency, the kitchen triangle is a good place to start. Keep scrolling to learn the triangle for kitchen design:

  • The kitchen triangle should have each leg no more than 9 feet and no less than 4 feet. This is so that each leg of the triangle is within comfortable reach.
  • Ensure the kitchen triangle has a clear path between each leg, which means there should be no obstacles in moving between the sink, stove, and fridge.
  • It should be located in the center of the kitchen to allow for the most efficient use of the kitchen space.

 Kitchen Triangle Design With Island

When designing a kitchen with an island, the kitchen triangle still applies, but there are a few other things to consider. First, the kitchen triangle should be located in the center of the kitchen island for maximum efficiency. Second, if the kitchen island is large enough, you may want to consider adding a second sink or cooktop to the island to create two kitchen triangles. This can be especially helpful if you often entertain or have multiple cooks in the kitchen.

Other Kitchen Layouts

The kitchen work triangle is a classic layout used in many homes, but it is not the only option. If you are designing a kitchen from scratch or doing a kitchen remodel, there are a few other layouts to consider outside of the kitchen work triangle.

One popular alternative to the kitchen work triangle is the galley kitchen layout. The kitchen appliances and sink are located on one wall with the countertop and storage on the opposite wall in a galley kitchen. This layout is very efficient for small kitchens as everything is within reach, but it can feel cramped if the kitchen is too small.

Another kitchen layout is the L-shaped kitchen. This layout is almost similar to the gallery layout, however, the countertop and storage areas are on the adjacent wall in an L-shaped kitchen. The layout is a perfect compromise between the efficiency of a galley kitchen and the openness of a kitchen with an island.


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