What Not To Do When Remodeling

What Not To Do When Remodeling

July 8, 2022

When planning a remodel, most homeowners are concerned about all that they need to do. Just as importantly, though, is a list of what not to do. Let’s take a quick look at a few things you should definitely not do during your home remodel. These are important remodeling tips for homeowners that you should consider first. 

Don’t DIY Everything

Unless you are an experienced contractor or carpenter, chances are you do not have the proper skills necessary to do every aspect of your remodel project. It is tempting to save money by doing all the work yourself, but during your planning phase, you should take honest stock of what you are and are not capable of doing on your own. Hire professionals for the things you can’t do.

Don’t Bring on Inexperienced Help

Just because your buddy says he knows how to install wiring doesn’t necessarily mean he should. There are some parts of a remodel that simply need professionals. Anything to do with electricity or other hazardous activities should not be done by inexperienced helpers.

Don’t Assume It’ll Be in Budget

Staying within budget on a remodeling project takes some very focused intentions. You will need to oversee every purchase and keep track of what you are spending to stay on budget. If you slack up for even a little bit, you might fall off budget.

Don’t Underestimate the Timeline

Keep a very flexible timeline in mind. If you start out your remodel with a hard, fast timeline, you might get very frustrated and disappointed. For instance, “The new bathroom will be installed by Christmas.” If it is not installed by Christmas will you be okay? Don’t hang too much of your peace of mind on the remodel going according to the timeline. There are so many things that can pop up during a remodeling project that might slow down progress. Stay flexible.

Don’t Ignore Codes and Permits

Just because it is your house does not necessarily mean you can do anything you want to it. Every local government will have building codes and permits that must be followed. If you ignore this, you could be fined and asked to undo the work you completed.

Don’t Cut Corners

Cutting corners always compromises safety and quality. Cutting corners is always tempting because you think you will save time or money, but in the end, you will lose on quality and safety. Do things right the first time, even if it takes longer.

Don’t Start Until You Are Prepared

When you start talking about a remodel, it is easy to get ahead of yourself and try to get started before you are truly ready. Be sure you have the materials, equipment, and money available to complete the project before you begin. This will move the project along much more quickly and will help you to avoid unnecessary frustration. The planning phase is the time to have your remodeling questions and answers figured out. 

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