5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

5 Kitchen Design Trends for 2023

September 30, 2022

An upcoming new year is always the best time to consider doing a kitchen renovation. However, you might not be too sure about what’s trending these days. These are five kitchen design trends that seem to be going strong on the way into 2023. 

1. Single-Space Setups

Homeowners spent a lot of time sharing the same space with their family members as the country went through a crisis. No one would have thought single-space kitchen setups would be a thing, but they are. Some homeowners have created adorable living room-kitchen combos that work well, look unique, and save space. You may want to consider trying it next year.  

2. The Retro Look

As times change, going back a few decades becomes more appealing. That’s why the retro kitchen design made it onto the list of possible options. You can literally pick any era and create a fabulous kitchen that takes you away to that time. Even if you weren’t alive in that era, you’ll have an absolute blast creating the scene. For example, adding a checkerboard floor and peach countertops and fridge has the ’60s written all over it. 

3. Soft, Natural Colors

Soft and natural colors also seem to be a trend going into the next year. Loud colors are being replaced with soft tones like beige, nutty brown, sage green, etc. This might be a look for you if you want your kitchen to have a calm feel so that everyone can relax. 

4. Compact Kitchens

More people are compacting their kitchens and staying in smaller homes. Minstoves, smaller fridges, and more shelving structures are making their way into modern homes. This type of style is what you might call a minimalist design — but it doesn’t have to be boring just because it’s minimalistic. You can work with an experienced kitchen design company to help you bring the best out of your home and eating area. 

5. Two-Toned Delight

Another trend that seems to be showing up more often is two-toned kitchens. This design only uses one color, but it places two different shades of that color throughout the kitchen. Thus, you might have a dark blue floor with a powder blue table and counters or vice versa. In fact, blue is a great color for your kitchen setup. It’s the color of security, so your guests will feel safe, warm, and loved when they visit you for dinner. 

Of course, you can choose to use two different colors, but don’t put anything additional in the mix. The style is based on the number of colors used, and two is the max. Baby blue and pink might be an idea. 

Now you know the secret of the latest kitchen design trends. You can start planning your fabulous new cooking area now. Don’t forget to contact a reputable kitchen renovation company. Apple Construction LLC. has been in business for almost a decade and will be delighted to help you design and craft an envy-worthy kitchen or help you with your dream home for the upcoming year. Reach out and ask to speak with one of the company’s leading remodeling specialists. 

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