The Most Popular Living Room Colors of 2022

The Most Popular Living Room Colors of 2022

November 9, 2022

When you interact with our team at Apple Construction, we know that you will walk away having learned a little more about things you can do to liven up the look of your home. It is one of our greatest pleasures to help our customers achieve the looks and designs they are interested in when they come to us. We want to cover the top trending living colors in 2022. 

Colors That Are Trending in 2022

The top living room paint colors 2022 boasts are green, gray, and navy. These are all choices that one might want to make if they wish to remain in style with what others are doing to present a certain look to their living room. 

No one is surprised that gray was on the list of the most popular colors for living rooms. This neutral color often holds a top spot on the list year after year. This is because gray can be paired up with virtually any other color and look great. Thus, if you have a specific preference for a color in your furniture, you can automatically pair it up with the gray color of your living room and be good to go. 

Several shades of blue were also on the list this year. Blue is a calming color that people often prefer when looking for something that can be applied directly to their living room. This color helps them to chill out and relax while hanging out in their living rooms. 

Think of Color and Texture

Not only do you need to think about color when designing your living room, but you also need to think about texture. What are the textures of the furniture you have put in your home? How does that texture correspond with the colors you choose for the paint of your living room? Those are the types of questions that you need to ask yourself if you want to design the perfect living room. 

People often forget that the appearance of their living room sets the mood for the whole house on almost instantly. Be extremely careful about selecting the color and texture to use as part of your living room experience. 

Getting the living room just right will often lead to people working on the look of the rest of their home as well. It is about getting through all the steps they need to take to help make their home the kind of place they love to spend time in. 

There is a lot to be said for a home that feels extremely comfortable to you every time you set foot in it. This can all be yourself if you just take some type to work with the top living room paint colors 2022 to get it right. 

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