The Trick To Timing The Renovation of Your Estate Landscaping

The Trick To Timing The Renovation of Your Estate Landscaping

November 23, 2022

Are you wondering when to start planning for a estate remodeling? You may have already begun the planning steps, but what type of renovation are you looking to take on? Maybe you want to hire a design crew but are unsure where to start. Or maybe you want your landscape renovation to be major. Regardless, it is wise to consider planning several months prior to making sure you are prepared.

Tips for Planning an Estate Renovation

When planning for a estate remodeling, there are various things you should consider. Remember that the time it can take from start to finish is a few seasons, at least. If your renovation project is much smaller, the duration will be shorter. Keep reading to find out some excellent ways to help plan.

Creating and Building

The first thing you will probably want to do is design your project. You can do this by hiring a landscape designer to help carry out the creation of your renovation. During this time, designers will work to help turn your dream into reality. Various landscape designers can work with you to even give you some additional tips to complete this step.


Once you have met with a designer to help turn your dreams into a reality, you will then schedule an appointment to speak with a landscape designer. It will be during this appointment that you will discuss the following:

  • The type of materials you would like to use
  • Your budget
  • The length of time it will take to finish the renovation project
  • Your personal preferences

This discussion typically takes place a week following your reaching out to the company. If you happen to begin your project during spring, you should know that the timeframe for this appointment could extend more than a week since this is the season that is the busiest.

Additionally, if you have any questions that you would like to ask, now would be the time. Your landscape designer may also ask you questions and throw out some proposals. If you are scheduling a major renovation, the landscape designer will consider your preferences in addition to their personal past work. If you want to alter anything, you will have the chance to do so.


Following your consultation with the landscape designer, he or she will start putting various options together for you. Several weeks following the consultation, you can expect to have these options completed and made available to you. The presentation will consist of various designs, including 2D and 3D. You may also be shown a virtual walk-through instead.

Once you have been shown the final designs, you will have the chance to request changes and ask as many questions as you’d like. Once you have come to a final agreement on the type of design you’d like, the renovations can finally begin.




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